Logistics services
We monitor, verify and manage the goods in accordance with customer requirements.

Delivery order preparation

Tell us how you want your merchandise leaves the warehouse.


We perform the conditioning we ask every customer.

We have infrastructure for handling, transfer and storage of liquid cargo. 

Mestre Serveis Logístics offers the possibility of processes retail distribution from our facilities: order picking integrate with transportation to the final destination, with comfort that entails for our customers. 

Our service allows businesses picking and preparing orders to distributors distance, reducing travel and labor using our logistics infrastructure, resulting in an optimization of resources and increased productivity. 

This service is complemented by our inventory management service, whereby each customer has at all times an online tracking stock movements and can order picking operations easily and efficiently. 

In this way, management becomes merchandise for our customers in a logistics process that is part of our responsibility, being in his hands only decisions that affect their merchandise. 



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Your goods, safely stored.

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