Logistics services
We monitor, verify and manage the goods in accordance with customer requirements.

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International offer of Logistics Services. Years of experience in the sector. Flexibility and Adaptability to continuous changes and to our customers’ needs. Personalised to every customer. We appoint a supervisor for you.

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TRANSPORT We make everything easy

At Mestre Serveis Logístics we offer a wide range of extra services to make transport and storage easy.

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LOGISTICS SERVICES We adapt to your needs

We control, check and deal with your goods according to the customers’ requirements.

We unload all sorts of vehicles: trailers, sea containers, tanks, among others, in several forms: Vehicle lateral unloading, rear unloading at quays, palletised loading or in bulk.

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OTHER SERVICES Whatever you want

We also offer all sorts of procedures in customs offices: Import, export, customs systems, Taric & Intrastat tariff classification .

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